It is a waste of time to find something. Let’s rely on the power of IoT.

It is good news to you that recent forgetfulness has become severe. The era has come when the technology called IoT becomes a strong ally against losing things!


In the first place, what is IoT?

Internet of things. I have a translation that is not “sense of the Internet” or sense. Still in the streets there are almost no places in the city center where Wifi is flying and the SSID can not be picked up. Even in the absence of it, “everyone” with the spread of smartphones and mobile phones can connect to the Internet anywhere and exchange various information. This “view of the world” of this “anyone” became “anything”.

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It is only that saying “Sensor + communication” was installed in everything.

Element technology

I picked up some representative IoT technologies.

Mobile network with LTE and others

Is not it the biggest network at the moment? Smartphones are one of IoT as it were.
A vending machine that is set up around that, I often have an antenna when I see it. We manage the stock inside the vending machine centrally at some center using communication. In the past, the PHS network was used for this purpose. PHS was cheap as equipment, but now it is getting more expensive, so it is taking the place of a mobile phone network (LTE network).

If you look closely at the red circle, the antenna is installed and the center and stock information can be monitored.

All recent vending machines are this. Cebu Eleven says it will also enter vending machines convenience stores and it is likely to evolve Dong Dong.
Not surprisingly it is surprising that not only vending machines but also various items are remotely controlled and remotely controlled through a mobile network, but it is natural.


Is not this a blessing brought by the smartphone boom? Bluetooth only reaches more than a few meters at most, whereas the mobile phone network builds a great base station extensively and covers an area of ​​several kilometers. The smartphone itself becomes the base station and covers the communication of the surrounding devices. Although the Blutooth earphone is a boom, the earphone itself can be communicated to its own manufacturer as “My battery, soon it’s a lifetime so you better put in a purchase promotion mail!” Such an earphone, I have not seen it until now w Forget the discovery tag introduced this time tag uses this technology.


In the past, zigbee or a short distance communication became a little popular, but is it feeling that everything was eaten by BLE now? However, this technology is called LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Network), and it is gaining attention as a supplement to places that can not be covered by the following 5 G network.

Mobile phone 5G network

This is exactly the favorite IoT network. Although the cellular phone network has evolved from the first generation (1 G), the method currently called LTE (4 G) is to be called (although it depends on the definition). Although it can be said that it has been pursuing communication speed and radio efficiency so far, the 5 th generation (5 G) strongly incorporates the elements of LPWA such as power failure and low delay while following these elements It is characterized by it. As for low latency, it has made tremendous progress, I saw a high-quality image communication system with a certain technology release event, but it was a level that I did not seem to be communicating any more with telecommunications anymore (sensuously it is perfectly real-time communication ).

Let’s tag tags that are easy to lose

As the technical elements around here are very tight, the preamble has become very long, but about the theme “looking for” today’s theme.
I used apple watch for a long time, but as a function to be used frequently, it is “to sound the iphone.”

When you tap the red circle, iPhone momentarily “pawns” regardless of manner mode. So you can find it quickly.

When you leave it somewhere, the iPhone has a function called “Find the iPhone”, which is really useful as it tells us the GPS-measured information through the mobile phone network, but until you get an apple watch on the other hand When I lost it in my house, it was hard to find. Even if you lose it in your bag or pocket, you will only tell me that you are in somewhere in the house at “Find an iPhone.” From there it is Bletooth ‘s turn to finely search. (Well, actually, “Search for iPhone” also has a function to sound the sound, but since it feels a little exaggerating, I usually look for it with apple watch.)

Various devices are being sold to achieve this same thing. In particular, the product “find” is recommended. There are also more sophisticated functions in terms of functionality, but it is getting bigger and there is no design quality. I think that the handheld device and design are very important.

How to use

After this, I pasted a product link, so I think that it is easy to understand from there. Briefly, find and smaho are communicating with BLE, and when two distances are separated away, the sound is heard or the logs stored up to that point are searched for what is lost.

Future development

Again, I think that it is best to have GPS built in like iPhone and apple watch rather than BLE. Even now, there are such devices still, but it will cost more than 20,000 yen, and probably it is unrealistic to have a little bit because I think that holding batteries is tough.
However, SIM (card for direct telephone communication) was installed in the new type apple watch, technological innovation is fast in this neighborhood, so from now on it will be a new convenient device to come. IoT will make the world convenient one after another.



If you are interested in IoT, will you exchange information? I liked audino and raspberry pi, I thought that IoT would be made by myself, but it has become an era when it is unexpectedly ordered as a product. Let’s make something together! !

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